Aquatic Habitat

Beneficial Aquatic Habitat. Photo courtesy Lori Curtis

Rooted native aquatic plants grow in shallow, protected waters. Although they may seem like nothing more than weeds at times, their overall benefit is immense. Native aquatic plants:

  • Provide spawning habitat for certain fish species and nursery areas for virtually all fish;
  • Create habitat for many small insects and crustaceans, which in turn are important food sources for fish;
  • Stabilize lake sediments by absorbing the force of waves and reducing shoreline erosion. Their roots trap sediment particles and hold them in place;
  • Absorb nutrients and thus reduce undesirable algae growth

The presence of aquatic plants does not necessarily indicate a pollution problem. However, they may thrive where shoreline tree removal, landscaping alterations from construction and shoreline erosion have occurred.

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